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Structural insight into cancer related DNA damage response

Speaker: Ling, Hong (University of Western Ontario)

Time: 30 Oct.2017 (Monday)16:00-17:30 pm

Venue: Conference Room 315, Faculty Research Building

Local translation and dynamic m6A modification of mRNA in axons

Speaker: :Prof. Shengjian Ji

Time: 2017.9.28 (Thurs.) 16:10-17:10

Venue: Venue : Class Room 506, Teaching Building 1

Novel mechanism of chromatin resetting during transcription elongation in mammals opens new avenues for cancer therapy and regenerative medicine

Speaker: Prof. Zhibin Wang ( Johns Hopkins University ) 

Time: 26 Sep. 2017 (Tuesday) 13:30-15:00

Venue:  Conference Room 215, Faculty Research  Building 1

Single molecule protein sequencing

Speaker: Venue: Conference Room 215, Faculty Research Building 1Dr. Jagannath Swaminathan (University of Tex

Time: 25 Sep. 2017 (Monday)

Venue: Conference Room 215, Faculty Research Building 1Speaker:Dr. Jagannath Swaminathan (University of Texas)