Why life science

The School of Life Sciences was established in July 2020 at the Southern University of Science and Technology, and its founding dean is Professor Mingjie ZHANG, a structural biologist and neurobiologist.

The School of Life Sciences consists of five academic departments including Department of Biology, Department of Immunology and Microbiology, Department of Systems Biology, Department of Chemical Biology and Department of Neuroscience. Faced with cutting-edge advances in life sciences and the human health, the School will integrate modern characteristics of life sciences, carry out interdisciplinary research, integrate the traditional field of life sciences into interdisciplinary academic departments or centers, promote the development and application of new technologies and meet the characteristics of quantitative, big data, multi-dimensional and multi-scale life sciences.

Educating the next generation of biologists to the highest standard is the task of the School of Life Sciences. We strive to create an inclusive learning environment that promotes freedom, support and cooperation, with the aim of developing more talents in the field of life sciences for the city of Shenzhen and the whole country.


Master & PhD degree program:

Master & PhD degree program:

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We will take advantage of important strategic opportunities, develop advanced disciplines, cultivate first-class innovative talents in the field of life sciences for human health, become the leading research institute in the field of life sciences in the country and a major intellectual engine of the health sciences and biotechnology industry in the Greater Bay Area.