team member

  • Chen Wei


  • Yu Chunhong

    Vice Chair & Secretary of Party general

  • Hou Shengtao

    Vice Chair

  • Guo Hongwei

    Vice Chair

  • Huang Jiaxin

    Administrative Office Manager


  1. Academic Degree Committee

    Chair: Wei Chen

    Members:Shengtao Hou、Hongwei Guo、Jiamu Du、Bo Xiao


    Development of strategic vision and long-term plan for the Department;

    Review and approval of the fulfilment of degree requirements for  undergraduate and graduate students and other matters related to the granting of undergraduate and graduate degrees.

  2. Seminar Organization Committee

    Chair: Wei Chen

    Members: Hongda Huang、Wenfei Jin、Ruixi Li、Xinjun Ou、Feng Rao、Zhiyi Wei


    · Formulate academic activities for the department; and

    · Organize, coordinate and conduct various academic exchange activities on a regular basis, including academic activities such as cutting-edge lectures and learning exchanges.

  3. Recruitment and Promotion Committee

    Chair: Hongwei Guo

    Members: Wei Chen、Jiamu Du、Shengtao Hou、Bo Xiao


    · Policy formulation, review, and assessment of academic matters including tenure and promotion;

    ·Discussion, study and development of the recruitment plan and implementation guidelines for the talent team consistent with the development strategy of the department, the preliminary examination management for the promotion application of the professor series, and the review and management of the evaluation of the faculty and staff of the department.

  4. Undergraduate Students Education Committee

    Chair:  Shengtao Hou

    Members: Guozhi Xiao、Yonglong Chen、Chunhui Hou、Wei Huang、Jiansheng Liang、Chunhong Yu、Bo Xiao、 Hanbing Zhong、Hongmin Zhang


    · Development and quality assurance of teaching and training programs for undergraduate students, other matters related to the undergraduate education.

    · Discussion and formulation of undergraduate enrollment and training programs;

    · Evaluation, feedback and guidance as to the quality of education and teaching, including but not limited to academic management, graduation thesis completion and research;

    · Other issues related to undergraduate training.

  5. Graduate Students Education Committee

    Chair: Hongwei Guo

    Members: Yonglong Chen、 Chunhui Hou、Dong Liu、Feng Rao、Zhiyi Wei、Guanyu Wang、Jixian Zhai


    · Development and quality assurance of teaching and training programs for graduate students, other matters related to the graduate students education;

    · Discussion and consideration of the postgraduate enrollment, training, examination and scholarship programs; and

    · Other matters related to postgraduate training.

  6. Safety Management Committee

    Chair: Chunhong Yu

    Members: Xiaomei Liu、Xiaoying Ma、 Xijun Ou、Junqi Wang、 Zhe Wu、Hangbing Zhong 、 Hongmin Zhang


    · Formulation and improvement of biosafety system, emergency handling and safety checks;

    · Organization and improvement of the rules and regulations of the department's biosafety management, emergency treatment measures, supervision and inspection systems; and

    · Organization of the implementation of various biosafety management and inspections.

  7. Instrument Management Committee

    Chair: Chunhong Yu

    Members: Longzhen Cheng、Fangxin Jia、Wenfei Jin、 Dong Liu、 Ruixin Li、Zhe Wu、Bo Xiao、Yucong Xie


    Construction, policy-formulation and management of experimental platform and instruments.

  8. International Affairs and Exchange Committee

    Chair: Shengtao Hou

    Members: Andrew Hutchins、 Yuhui Hu、Yan Li、Peter Pimpl、Zhiyi Wei、Hongmin Zhang


    · Formulatation rules for the international cooperation and exchanges;

    · Conduct as liaison, review and approval of Sino-foreign cooperative education;

    · Coordinate and guide the work in the process of running schools; and

    · Publicize construction and management of international affairs and exchanges.

  9. Postdoctoral Management Committee

    Chair: Wei Chen

    Members: Chunhui Hou、Shengjian Ji、Dong Liu、 Yan Li、Cong Yu、Jixian Zhai


    · Formulate various post-doctoral management programs;

    · Check and supervise doctors to complete the opening, mid-term assessment, and outbound assessment; and

    · Provide consultation, guidance and advice for post-doctoral career development.

  10. Research Committee

    ChairWei Chen

    Vice Chair:Hongwei Guo

    MembersShengtao Hou、Jiamu Du