Department of Systems Biology

The Department of Systems Biology is a dynamic and interdisciplinary research unit dedicated to advancing our understanding of complicated biological systems. We apply multidisciplinary technologies to integrate biological big data, such as genomics and epigenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and interactomics, to study biological systems. We aim to construct integrated models to explain complex processes in life and apply those models to addressing challenges in human health.

The Department of Systems Biology seeks to establish an integrated research platform for bioinformatics and systems biology research. Our objective is to understand the genetic basis of sophisticated pathological and pathological processes, such as development, neurological disorders, cancer and infectious diseases. We study the underlying regulatory networks and their evolutionary mechanisms in humans and model animals. We develop new techniques to assess, dig out, analyse and manage various biological big data, including genomes, epigenomes, single-cell-omes spatial-omes, proteomes and metabolomes. In addition, by using deep learning and artificial intelligence technologies, we establish multi-dimensional models of regulatory networks to generate prediction systems for complex life processes, enabling comprehensive and accurate interpretation of biomedical big data. This will promote the development of various fields in life sciences and provide a theoretical basis for the practice of precision medicine.

In the next five to ten years, the Department of Systems Biology will establish a core scientific research team comprising 20-25 principal investigators. With further strengthening the research platforms, we are creating a collaborative environment to encourage the true innovation with international impact.

Faculty & staff

Wei CHEN Chair Professor

Room309, Building 4, Hui Yuan


Research interest:Systems Biology

Zefeng WANG Chair Professor

Room305, Building 4, Hui Yuan


Research interest:Mechanisms of RNA alternative splicing; Synthetic biology of RNA binding proteins; RNA functional genomics; Protein translation using circular RNA s; Site-specific RNA editing and related uses by artificially constructed RNA-editing enzymes

Andrew Hutchins Associate Professor

Room 303, Research building 1


Research interest:genomics; stem cells; systems biology;

Chao LIANG Associate Professor

Room 309, Research Building 1


Research interest:Molecular Cell Biology of Bone, Joint and Tumors

Ying SUN Associate Professor

Room 405, Biology Hall


Research interest:Tumor Biology; Kidney Diseases;

Xi CHEN Associate Professor

Room 414, Biology Hall


Research interest:Systems Biology

Yan LI Assistant Professor

Room 407, Biology Hall


Research interest:Cancer Biology

Fuxing ZENG Assistant Professor

Room214, Biology Hall


Research interest:Structure of RNA/protein complexes; Non-canonical translation regulation; RNA vaccine;

Meizhen ZHENG Assistant Professor

Room 404, Biology Hall


Research interest:3D Genomics

Ziwei DAI Assistant Professor

Room 416, Research Building 2


Research interest:systems biology; cancer metabolism;

Zhengyu LIANG Assistant Professor

Room 411, Biology Hall


Research interest:3D genomic research on new technology and application; Mechanism studies of transcriptional regulation; RNA metabolism in functional genomics; ecDNA biology in tumor;

Liang Fang Research Associate Professor

Room310, Building 4, Hui Yuan


Huanhuan CUI Research Associate Professor

Room 313, Building 4, Hui Yuan


Research interest:Gene Transcription and Epigenetic Regulation; RNA Regulation and Translation Control;

Qionghua ZHU Research Assistant Professor

Room 313, Building 4, Hui Yuan


Research interest:Cancer evolution and tumor heterogeneity; Transcriptional regulation; Single cell omics;

Xuekun FU Research Assistant Professor

Room 335, Research Building 1


Research interest:Mechanistic studies in bone & joint diseases and tumors; Translational medicine in bone & joint diseases and tumors;

Lei WANG Research Assistant Professor

Room 418, Biology Hall


Research interest:Tumor immunity