About the Programs
Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) offers Doctoral Programs in English for international students.
The Doctoral Programs are generally required to be completed in four years.

Training objectives


  • 01

    The PhD students should establish a scientific world outlook and methodology, have a sense of innovation, academic spirit and social responsibility, and consciously abide by the relevant laws, regulations, social morality and academic ethics;

  • 02

    They should establish the values like academic spirit, academic norms, academic responsibility and innovation, and earnestly study the scientific attitude and social responsibility of researchers, and consciously resist academic fraud and misconduct;

  • 03

    They should master the discipline's solid and broad basic theory and systematic and in-depth professional knowledge, understand the latest domestic and foreign developments in their research areas;

  • 04

    They should be able to fluently read literature of the discipline in a foreign language, and conduct international academic exchange; They should have good English proficiency in writing and good Chinese proficiency in communication;

  • 05

    They should have the ability to independently engage in high-level research and to make creative outcomes in science or specialized technology.

Campus Life

Academic Activity:

The Postgraduate Students’ Forum of Academic Star;


Academic Exchange:

Participating in international academic conferences;

Presenting at academic conferences,


Visiting large enterprises;

Hiking from Dongchong to Xichong; 

Sports Carnival;


  • Future education
  • Career development