SUSTech 2020 National Scholarship Results announced


On October 22, 2020, the 2020 SUSTech Scholarship and Grants review meeting was held. Members of the SUSTech Student Funding Review Committee participated in the review, and eight national scholarship recipients were selected.

The list of National Encouragement Scholarship, National Grants, and Scholarship for Outstanding Students in 2020 was reviewed and finalized in the meeting. Then the National Scholarship selection was conducted. After the application and selection process, 12 students became candidates for the National Scholarship and made an oral defense. There are scientific research talents, straight-A students, sports athletes, and students with rich experience in various extracurricular activities.

Eight students stood out from the stiff competition. Qingsong LIU, Chairman of the Association of Professors, announced the National Scholarship winners in 2020.

SUSTech adheres to the principle of fairness, equality, and openness in selecting scholarships and grants throughout the whole process from student application, selection of each residential college and publicity, university evaluation and publicity, to reporting to the Education Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality.

In the 2020-2021 academic year, eight undergraduate students will be granted National Scholarship, four students National Scholarship Nominated Award, 125 students National Encouragement Scholarship, 978 students Scholarship for Outstanding Students, 338 students National Grants. A total of 1453 students will be awarded the scholarship. The selection results will be publicized for five working days according to the regulations.