University Announcement about the Adjustment of Start Dates for Spring Semester 2020


January 30th, 2020


Dear all,


Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) has decided to extend the Winter Break in the interest of public health and the latest developments of the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak in mainland China. Classes will resume on Feb. 26th (tentative). Details for students, faculty, and employees are listed below:


I. 2020 spring semester start date postponed
Wednesday, February 26th, is the tentative start date for spring semester classes. Students may return to campus on February 24th or February 25th, but not before these designated dates.


II. Start dates of business for faculty and employees
1. University employees shall resume work on Monday, 10 February.
2. Teaching and research faculty, teaching faculty, and teaching assistants (TA) shall return to work on February 10 (Monday).
3. Research faculty, research assistants (RA), postdoctoral fellows, and other researchers shall return on February 17 (Monday).
4. New employees shall start on February 17 (Monday).
5. No staff should come to campus before the specified date, except for those staff required for epidemic prevention and control, campus operation, and the duty of each office & department.
6. Please note that the above dates are tentative and may change due to national, provincial, and municipal regulations.


III. Arrangements for teaching
Some general education courses within the science module shall commence online classes on February 10th. Other courses shall start online classes from February 17th. The Teaching Affairs Office shall provide detailed plans in due course.


IV. Other arrangements
1. University offices and departments shall fulfill their responsibilities in the efforts of Novel Coronavirus prevention and control.
2. Faculty and students shall pay attention to personal health protection, minimize outdoor exposure, and cooperate with their offices or departments for the daily report of their health status.
3. Teaching Affairs Office shall adjust the teaching arrangements accordingly.
4. Student Affairs Office and the Graduate School shall work with all colleges and departments to better prepare for a smooth operation of the new semester.
5. SUSTech will release relevant notifications on the official website in due course while the outbreak unfolds. Please pay close attention to the official university updates.


Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech)
(Posted on January 30th, 2020)