Notice on 2020 Winter Vacation Arrangements for Faculty and Staf


7 January 2020

Dear all,

Please note that the arrangements for 2020 winter vacation of SUSTech are now notified as follows:

I. Winter vacation includes a total of 15 working days from January 14 (Tuesday) to February 6 (Thursday). February 7 will be the date for faculty and staff to return to the university.

II. The days of the winter vacation (working days) are counted as the days of annual leave for the year. All faculty and staff still need to perform the application and approval procedures for annual leave in strict accordance with SUSTech’s regulations for leaves of faculty and staff.

III. February 6 will be the end of the winter vacation. In principle, faculty and staff on leave shall report on time according to the university calendar. All units are required to prepare the statistics on attendance on the first day of the new semester for submission to Office of Human Resources.

IV. All units shall arrange their respective duty plan. In principle, university leaders, department heads shall be on duty shift during the winter vacation. Each unit should arrange at least one personnel on duty for coordination of works of their own units on a daily basis; other personnel shall be coordinated by the units for vacation and shift arrangements in accordance with the nature of the post to ensure that the progress of the core work is not affected. Counter services and campus services shall be arranged in a coordinated manner and responsible persons shall not be absent or leaving the post unattended.

V. All units shall strictly implement the 24-hour duty plan for their respective key posts, led with leaders of the units. Emergency cases should be properly handled and reported to university leaders and staff on-duty at Office of Party Affairs and Administration in a timely manner.

VI.All faculty and staff shall raise safety consciousness and be aware of personal and property safety. Please make sure that the doors and windows are closed and that power is off at the office when leaving the campus. In case of emergency, please call the 24-hour emergency hotline: 0755-88010110, 18566211101; 24-hour maintenance hotline: 0755-88010123; 24-hour community health service hotline: 18218715551.

Thank you for your attention.

Southern University of Science and Technology