Speaker: Prof. Chun XU

Time: 10:00-11:30 AM, 16 Jan. , 2024

Venue: The Learning Studio (2F Lynn Library)

The intra-hippocampal circuits in learning and memory

Topic: The intra-hippocampal circuits in  learning and memory

Speaker: Prof. Chun XU

Time: 10:00-11:30 AM, 16 Jan. , 2024

Venue: The Learning Studio (2F Lynn Library)


The hippocampus is a brain structure important for diverse functions including learning, memory, stress and cognition. The classical tri-synaptic connections are the core circuit in the hippocampus. Yet, there are many other intra-hippocampal circuits that are less known. First, I will talk about the functional role of CA1-Subiculum circuit in temporal associative learning and discuss our hypothesis for the stimulus information maintenance during the learning. Second, I will show our recent single-neuron projectome analysis for hippocampal neurons and their spatial organization principles. Finally, I will show such new projection patterns derived from projectome analysis can be combined with circuit tracing and functional studies to help us to understand the function of an intra-hippocampal circuit linking dorsal and ventral hippocampus.


徐春,博士生导师,中国科学院脑科学与智能技术卓越创新中心(神经科学研究所)研究员,研究组长。中国神经科学学会学习记忆基础与临床分会委员、Neuroscience Bulletin青年编委、上海市神经科学学会青年创新委员会副主任委员。徐春研究组以小鼠和狨猴为模式动物,结合行为学、神经环路示踪、光遗传学、电生理记录和光学钙成像记录等方法,主要研究学习记忆、情感记忆、场景认知和空间导航的神经环路机制,聚焦于海马脑区的联接图谱与功能研究。主持科技部和基金委等国家级项目。近年来以第一作者或者通讯作者在Cell、Nature Neuroscience、Nature Communications、Neuroscience Bulletin等杂志发表文章。

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