Speaker: Prof. Xiaohua SHEN

Time: 2:00-3:00 PM, 7 Aug. , 2023

Venue: Room 111, Lynn Library

From DNA to Life: Decode the noncoding genome

Topic: From DNA to Life: Decode the noncoding genome

Speaker: Prof. Xiaohua SHEN

Time: 2:00-3:00 PM, 7 Aug. , 2023

Venue: Room 111, Lynn Library


Life begins with a fertilized egg and undergoes intricate developmental processes, guided by the DNA within the egg that carries essential instructions for shaping the four-dimensional patterning of an organism. The remarkable versatility of our genome enables a single genome to generate hundreds of distinct cell types. However, the specific algorithm governing cell-fate specification remains unknown. Intriguingly, the majority of mammalian genomes (about 98%) consist of noncoding sequences that produce noncoding RNA (ncRNA) transcripts, predominantly residing in the nucleus, defying the traditional dogma of protein synthesis. In this talk, I will discuss the evolving paradigm that has fundamentally transformed our understanding of gene regulation consensus.




近年成果包括:1)揭示基因组折叠的基层规律:转座子重复序列(L1 和 B1/Alu)是大尺度染色质三维结构形成的遗传分子基础;2)非编码RNA顺式调控邻近转录和染色质状态是基因表达调控的一种普遍模式;3)RNA和RNA结合蛋白通过相分离反馈调控转录和染色质结构。

曾获教育部特聘教授、国家杰青、求是杰出青年和谈家桢创新奖等奖励,现为《Cell Reports》《EMBO Reports》《Molecular Omics》等期刊编委。

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