Speaker: Prof. Zhizhong XU

Time: 16:10-17:30 PM, 12 Jan., 2022

Venue: Tencent Conference Meeting: 514-686-612

Hypothalamic functions of Irx3 and Irx5 in metabolic regulation and obesity

Topic: Hypothalamic functions of Irx3 and Irx5 in metabolic regulation and obesity

Speaker: Prof. Zhizhong XU

Time: 16:10-17:30 PM, 12 Jan., 2022

Tencent Conference Meeting: 514-686-612


Dr. Chi-chung Hui is Professor of Molecular Genetics at University of Toronto and Senior Scientist in the Program in Developmental & Stem Cell Biology of the Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute. He is also a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Mouse Development and Disease Modeling. His research focuses on Hedgehog signaling and Iroquois homeobox genes in development and disease. He published more than 150 research papers in leading journals including Nature, Cell, Science and New England Journal of Medicine. To date, his work has been cited close to 30,000 times with an h-index of 78.  In the past 2 decades, Dr. Hui is actively involved in promoting research and educational collaborations between Canada and China. He is an Honorary Professor in the School of Biomedical Science of the University of Hong Kong and an Executive Member of the Joint Institute of Genetics and Genome Medicine at Zhejiang University and University of Toronto. In recent years, his laboratory has been studying the functions of Irx3 and Irx5 in metabolic regulation and obesity. In this talk (Hypothalamic functions of Irx3 and Irx5 in metabolic regulation and obesity), he will discuss the hypothalamic functions of these two genes in neurogenesis and feeding regulation. 

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