Admission to the Collaborative (Split Site) PhD Programs of Southern University of Science and Technology 2019


About SUSTech Collaborative PhD Programs

Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) collaborates with world leading universities on Collaborative (Split Site) PhD Programs in the research areas of all academic departments and provide full studentships at various attractive levels.


2+2 or 1+3 program models are adopted, In the 2+2 program model, students spend two years in partner university and two years in SUSTech under the supervision of two supervisors. In the 1+3 model, students spend one year in partner university and three years in SUSTech, the rest arrangement is kept the same as the 2+2 model. Upon the successful completion of the program, students will be awarded a PhD degree from the partner university and a certificate of completion from SUSTech.


Program Arrangement


Quota up to

Program Model

Study Arrangement

Special Request

Free University Berlin(FUB)



Years 1 & 2 in FUB, years 3 & 4 in SUSTech

Limited to FUB Departments of Biology, Chemistry and Pharmacy,and the applicants with Master degrees

The University of Birmingham(UoB)



First year and last 3 months in UoB, other years in SUSTech

Limited to UoB College of Engineering and Physical Science, and College of Life and Environmental Sciences

The University of Leeds(Leeds)



First year and last 3 months in Leeds, other years in SUSTech

Chemical and Process Engineering Chemistry


Electronic and Electrical Engineering






Maths    Physics and Astronomy 

University of British Columbia(UBC)



Years 1 & 2 in UBC, years 3 & 4 in SUSTech

Limited to the applicants with Master degrees

University of East Anglia




First year and last half year in UEA, other years in SUSTech

University of Copenhagen(UCPH)



Year 1 in UCPH, years 2 & 3 in SUSTech

Limited to UCPH Faculty of Science, and the applicants with Master degrees

University of Warwick (UoW)



Years 1 & 2 in UoW, Years 3 & 4 in SUSTech

University of Technology Sydney (UTS)



First year in UTS, other years in SUSTech

Limited to Department of Computer Science & Engineering and Quantum Institute in SUSTech

The University of Queensland(UQ)



Years 1 & 2 in UQ, Years 3 & 4 in SUSTech

University of Surrey(UoS)



Years 1 & 2 in UoS, Years 3 & 4 in SUSTech

National University of Singapore(NUS)



Years 1 & 4 in NUS, Years 2 & 3 in SUSTech

Limited to NUS Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering, and School of Computing

The University of HongKong(HKU)



Years 1 & 4 in HKU, Years 2 & 3 in SUSTech

The HongKong University of Science and Technology(HKUST)



Years 1 & 4 in HKU, Years 2 & 3 in SUSTech

HongKong Baptist University(HKBU)



First 1.5 and last 0.5 years in HKBU, other years in SUSTech

University of Macau(UM)



First year in UM, Years 2 , 3 and 4 in SUSTech

Temple University (Temple)



Years 1, 4, 5 in Temple, year 2,3 in SUSTech

The above arrangements are agreed between SUSTech the partner universities. Any amendment to the study arrangement must be approved by both universities in advance.


SUSTech PhD Fellowships

SUSTech offers full-time PhD students who join this split side program with an attractive PhD Fellowship. The Fellowship provides stipend for up to four years study period;


During the study period in the partner universities, SUSTech will provide stipend according to the stipend rate of the individual partner universities through the partner universities;


During the study period in SUSTech, students will be provided a basic annual stipend from RMB 60,000 to 80,000, plus a performance-based award of RMB20,000 to 40,000 per year for up to 50% of the Fellowship holders.


For more details regarding the PhD Fellowship, please consult the Program Coordinator.


Criteria for PhD Fellowships

Applicants should have graduated from leading universities in a country/region, and have demonstrated outstanding potential for research excellence.


Minimum GPA requirements:

For Master level applicants: both Bachelor and Master GPA should be 3.0 or above;


For Bachelor level applicants: GPA should be 3.0 or above in general, and not lower than 3.6 for applying to the HKU program, and not lower than 3.4 for applying to the HKBU program.


Minimum English language requirements:

Programs in Asia: TOEFL 80 or above (85 or above for the NUS Program); or IELTS 6.0 overall or above, with no sub-scores lower than 5.5 (IELTS 6.5 for HKBU, HKUST Programs).


Other programs: TOEFL 90 or above (with sub-scores meeting the particular requirements of partner universities); or IELTS 6.5 overall or above, with no sub-scores lower than 6.0.

GRE is required in the Temple program.


All English language test score reports should be issued after October 1, 2017.


If the English language requirement in any particular subject of any partner university is higher than the above requirement, applicants must meet the higher requirement. Please also check the language requirements on the website of the partner universities.


Tuition and Accommodation Fees

During the study period in the partner universities, tuition fee are provided by SUSTech except for programs in Hong Kong, Macau, and Canada. Students in these programs are required to pay the tuition fee to partner universities by themselves.


During the study period in SUSTech, students enrolled in 2019 will be charged SUSTech Tuition fee at RMB10,000 per year and accommodation fee at RMB 1,300 per year for a single room in the graduate student dormitories. Accommodation while study abroad, visa, transportation and all other fees are borne by students themselves.


The fees listed above are for reference and are subjected to adjustment from time to time.


How to Apply

1. Application deadline:

Please email the application documents to SUSTech departmental contacts listed below before 18:00PM November 30, 2018. Subject of email: Application for SUSTech Collaborative PhD Programs 2019 – SUSTech Department – Contact detail

Department of Mathematics

Ms. Yu,

Department of Physics

Ms. Li,

Department of Chemistry

Ms. Lin,

Department of Biology

Ms. Su,

Department of Biomedical Engineering

Ms. Wang,

Department of Mechanical& Energy Engineering

Ms. Xiao,

Department of Electrical& Electronic Engineering

Ms. Song,

Department of Materials Science& Engineering

Ms. Lian,

Department of Mechanics& Aerospace Engineering

Ms. Yang,

Department of Computer Science& Engineering

Mr. Zhang,

Department of Ocean Science& Engineering

Ms. Guo,

Department of Earth& Space Sciences

Ms. Chen,

Department of Finance

Ms. Wang,

School of Environmental Science& Engineering

Ms. Su,

It is strongly recommended that applicants should seek the approval from corresponding SUSTech supervisors before submitting the applications. Applicants do not need to apply to the partner universities until required by SUSTech.


2. Application Documents (PDF version):

(1)Application Form 

(2)Personal Statement 

(3)Research Proposal 

(4)Photocopies of degree certificates and academic transcripts. If applicants are currently a university student, they shall also provide an official pre-graduation certificate/letter showing their student status and stating the expected graduation date. For all documents in languages other than Chinese or English, notarized copies of translations in Chinese or English need to be provided.

(5)Photocopies of language proficiency certificates (IELTS,TOEFL or another required certificates)

(6)Two letters of recommendation with appropriate contact details, in Chinese or English. 

(7)A photocopy of passport.

(8)Other documents that prove academic abilities.

Departments may require hard copies of the above documents. Application materials will NOT be returned regardless of the result of application.


Evaluation and Admission

Applications will be considered on the basis of the documents provided by the applicants. An interview and/or additional tests may be conducted. Students who pass SUSTech selection will be notified to apply to the partner university between January and February 2019. The final admission result will be announced by SUSTech or the partner universities and offer letters will be issued by partner universities around May 2019.



Miss Bao Zhu,

Program Coordinator

SUSTech Graduate School

Tel: +86-755-88010473

Graduate School website: