Department of Neuroscience

Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary research field aspired to understand how animal brains include our own development, function and age, what governs brain physiological functions such as memory, behavior and cognition and why brains succumb to numerous diseases and disorders.

Neuroscience is one of the key research directions for the School of Life Sciences. The Department of Neuroscience will conduct multi-faceted research covering developmental neuroscience, neurostructural biology, sensory neuroscience, neural physiology and pathology, neural cell homeostasis, as well as cognitive and behavioral neuroscience. Meanwhile, the department will collaborate with multiple fields such as molecular biology, cell biology, structural biology, biophysics and computational biology, so as to promote the development of brain science and other related disciplines. The department is also making efforts to explore an innovative mode of inter-school or inter-department research cooperations, by working together with top neuroscience research institutes at home and abroad, encouraging interdisciplinary collaborations among researchers with science, engineering, and medicine backgrounds.

In the next five to ten years, the Department of Neuroscience will establish a core faculty comprising 20-25 principal investigators, build a brain science research team with unique features and strengths, promote fundamental research in brain science, and provide supports for translational research aiming at treating brain diseases and interfacing human brain and artificial intelligence.

Faculty & staff

Mingjie ZHANG Chair Professor

Room 415, Research Building 2


Research interest:Molecular Biology & Biochemistry; Structural Biology; Neuroscience;

Xiaochen WANG Chair Professor

Room 316, Research Building 2


Room 301, Research building 1


Bo XIAO Professor

Room 325, Biology Hall


Research interest:Neurobiology

Zhiyi WEI Associate Professor

Room 211, Biology Hall


Research interest:Structural biology; Neuronal development ;

Shengjian JI Associate Professor

Room 343, Research Building 1


Research interest:Neurobiology

Feng RAO Associate Professor

Room 324, Biology Hall


Research interest:Cell and Metabolic Biology; Neuro-biology;

Dong LIU Associate Professor

Room 208,Research Building 1


Research interest:Cell & Developmental Biology

Kun SONG Associate Professor

Room 327, Biology Hall


Research interest:Neurobiology

Yan ZHAO Associate Professor

Room 315, Research Building 2


Research interest:Autophagy and neurological diseases

Longzhen CHENG Assistant Professor

Room 323, Biology Hall


Research interest:Neurobiology

Xiaojing CHEN Assistant Professor

Room 328, Biology Hall


Research interest:Neurobiology

Ruoxi WANG Assistant Professor

Room 306, Research Building 2


Research interest:Dr. Wang uses both sophisticated genetic and cell biological approaches to study the genes and mechanisms that regulate selective organelle clearance. Wang lab focuses on characterization of genes and mechanisms that are either specifically required for ER clearance, or reciprocally influence the balance of ER, mitochondria, and possibly other organelles in a cell in a physiological animal model, and possibly how alterations of this balance may contribute to diseases.

Fengfeng NIU Research Associate Professor

Room 218, Biology Hall


Research interest:Structural biology; Intracellular cargo trafficking;

Xiaotian LIU Research Associate Professor

Room 412, Research Building 2


Research interest:Structure Biology; Synthetic Biology;

Yang SU Research Assistant Professor

Room 301, Biology Hall


Research interest:The mechanism of metabolic regulation of protein homeostasis.

Hanbing XUE Research Assistant Professor

Room301, Research Building 2


Research interest:Mechanism and function of organelle interaction; Molecular mechanism of neuronal autophagy.

Jun JU Research Assistant Professor

Room 311, Research Building 1


Research interest:Mechanism of autism spectrum disorder and schizophrenia.

Jun YU Research Assistant Professor

Room 332, Research Building 1


Research interest:mRNA modification in neural development; mRNA local translation in axons;