Department of Chemical Biology

Chemical biology is an emerging interdisciplinary field where life processes are studied with chemical means. Its core research interest is to use chemical and other methods to intervene and detect endogenous biological processes, as well as to develop new molecules and chemical tools to study life phenomena and develop new drugs.

The Department of Chemical Biology bases on the research capacity of the School of Life Sciences and works closely with the School of Science and the School of Engineering to conduct research in multiple interrelated areas such as organic chemistry, chemical biology, structural biology and quantitative biology. The main research direction of the department is to perform high-level basic research, conduct international cutting-edge and forward-thinking research in key areas, and accomplish a series of internationally leading achievements with significant visibility and influence. In the future, the Department of Chemical Biology will achieve the integrated development of the discipline of chemical biology, actively promoting the transformation of basic research findings related to major human diseases (especially neurological diseases, cancer and major infectious diseases) into clinical research,and applications and developing modern chemical biology with unique characteristics of Southern University of Science and Technology.

In the next five to ten years, the Department of Chemical Biology will recruit innovative talents and establish a core research team with about 15-20 principal investigators. It will effectively recruit and train high-level talents, make full use of existing scientific research platforms, and build a world-class scientific research team.

Faculty & staff

Maofu LIAO Chair Professor

Room 505, Research Building 2


Research interest:Structural Biology

Cong YU Associate Professor

Room 210, Biology Hall


Research interest:Cell and Microenvironment; Structural Biology ;

Yonglong CHEN Associate Professor

Room307, Building 4, Hui Yuan


Research interest:Molecular Cell Biology

Hongda HUANG Associate Professor

Room 205, Biology Hall


Research interest:Structural Biology

Xin GONG Associate Professor

Room 206, Biology Hall


Research interest:Lipid Metabolism; Structural Biolo-gy;

Qingtao SHEN Associate Professor

Room 412, Biology Hall


Research interest:Structural Biology;

Yanyan LI Associate Professor

Room 504, Research Building 2


Research interest:Membrane Lipid Biology

Kaige YAN Assistant Professor

Room 406, Research Building 2


Research interest:Protein Complexes; Structural Biology ;

Ling WANG Assistant Professor

Room 404, Research Building 2


Research interest:Single-molecule FRET; Single-molecule fluorescence and optical tweezers;

Shujun CAI Assistant Professor

Room 310, Research Building 2



Research interest:In situ structural mechanism of protein-mediated membrane remodeling;Cryo-ET method development;

Sen-Fang SUI Visiting Distinguished Professor (Long-Term)

Building B,Room 203


Tian XIE Research Associate Professor

Room 204, Biology Hall


Research interest:Lipid metabolism; Biochemistry; Structural biology;

Weiwei SHI Research Associate Professor

Room503, Research Building 2


Research interest:The molecular mechanism studies of novel drug target proteins; Structure and function based drug discovery and development.

Xiaoling YU Research Associate Professor



Research interest:Structural Biology; Systems Structural Proteomics;

Yao-Wang LI Research Assistant Professor

Room 218, Biology Hall


Zhaoying SHI Research Assistant Professor

Room 307, Building 4, Huiyuan


Research interest:Developmental Biology; Functional Genomics; Genome Editing;

Fu SONG Research Assistant Professor

Research Building 2


Research interest:Deep learning application in protein structure and function.