Department of Biology

Biology is the scientific study of the phenomena and principles of life and its activities. Its progress and development are constantly revealing the enigmas of life and will essentially address many challenges that humanity encounters. Biology is also the foundation of various disciplines, such as agriculture, forestry, medicine and environmental science. Any fundamental breakthrough in biology will exert a profound impact on the development of world and humanity.

The Department of Biology will encompass multiple research directions, such as plant biology, ecology and evolution, cell homeostasis, food science and agriculture. Facilitated by several well-established research platforms such as SUSTech-Peking University Institute of Plant and Food Sciences and the Key Laboratory of Molecular Design for Plant Cell Factory of Guangdong Higher Education Institutes, the Department will endeavor to make new growth of biological disciplines and cultivate interdisciplinary directions, and to pursue in-depth research on the nature and laws behind life.

In the next five to ten years, the Department of Biology will build an innovative, collaborative and aspiring consortium with 20-25 principal investigators at various levels. We aim to educate and train students and young scientists capable of creative and critical thinking and interdisciplinary cooperation. By conducting state-of-the-art research with emphasis on multidisciplinary collaboration, the Department of Biology will keep enhancing its national and international impact in life science.

Faculty & staff

Hongwei GUO Chair Professor

Room408, Building 1, Hui Yuan


Research interest:Plant Biology

Room 238, Research Building 1


Research interest:Plant stress biology; phytohormone signaling;

Jiamu DU Professor

Room 208, Biology Hall


Research interest:Structural Biology

Jixian ZHAI Associate Professor

Room211, Building 4, Hui Yuan


Research interest:Plant Epigenomics, Nanopore Sequencing; Single-Cell Multiomics

Peter Pimpl Associate Professor

Room 307, Research building 1


Research interest:Plant Biology

Ancheng HUANG Associate Professor

Room 337, Research Building 1


Research interest:Plant metabolic and synthetic biol-ogy

Zhe WU Associate Professor

Room 204, Research Building 1


Research interest:Plant Biology

Ruixi LI Associate Professor

Room 201, Building 4, Hui Yuan


Research interest:Plant Cell Biology

Yi SONG Assistant Professor

Room 338, Research Building 1


Research interest:Plant Biology

Xingwang DENG Visiting Distinguished Professor (Long-Term)

Room209, Building 4, Hui Yuan


Wenyang LI Research Associate Professor

Room406, Building 1, Hui Yuan


Yanping LONG Research Associate Professor

Room 207, Building 4, Hui Yuan


Research interest:Single-cell Sequencing; Long-read Sequencing; Gene Expression and Regulation

Lei PANG Research Assistant Professor

Room 208, Building 4, Hui Yuan


Research interest:Vesicular trafficking in plant cell; Protein quality control in plant cell;

Hua ZHOU Research Assistant Professor

Room211, Building 4, Hui Yuan


Research interest:Plant photomorphogenesis; mRNA splicing in photomorphogenesis

Yeling ZHOU Assistant Professor

Room 234, Research building 1


Research interest:Plant physiology in adversity; Plant hormones; Membrane transporters;

Wenqin LU Research Assistant Professor

Room 207, Building 4, Hui Yuan


Research interest:Investigation of the poly(A) tail length regulation mechanism in plants; Development of high-throughput single-cell multi-omics methods;

Wei ZHU Research Assistant Professor

Room 239, Research Building 1


Research interest:Photomorphogenesis; Phytohormone signaling;